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              Why Best InVoice Solution?

Best InVoice Solution is a therapist-owned company who employs and empowers therapists in academic and private sectors. We aim to provide the best therapists to enrich their clients' skills both inside and outside of the therapy office.

With over 10years of experience in healthcare and schools, Best Invoice Solution, LLC was established in 2021 to provide functional speech/language services to improve productivity in society utilizing a team of highly innovative SLPs. We currently contract with school districts to provide speech/language services via both teletherapy and brick-and-mortar settings. Our therapists are state licensed (FL, GA, TX) and hold professional Certificates of Clinical Competence. 

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Best InVoice Solution specializes in providing stellar therapist to conduct screenings, formal and informal evaluations, and treatment of persons age 0-99+. Our SLP’s are responsible for writing lesson plans, writing/ holding IEP meetings, documenting progress/regress, making referrals, and participating in team meetings to determine eligibility, providing Response to Intervention (RTI) to general education. The overall goal of therapy and/or RTI services is to assist clients in becoming effective functional communicators across all settings. Our therapists are trained to utilize Evidence Based Practice (EBP), while also providing opportunities to trial communication skills outside of the traditional setting.


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